How To Feng Shui Your Home Gym

In feng shui, your home reflects not just your mental condition but also everything that is going on in your life, including your ambitions and goals.

Filling your space with positivity is a great way to stay motivated. Your home gym shouldn't be any less feng shui than the rest of the house. After all, this is one of the places where you'll be working hard to improve your health, so it's important to keep the energy flow strong and positive. The more you follow the principles of feng shui for your workout room the easier it will be to reach your fitness goals.

In light of that, what would be the most effective way to use feng shui in your home gym?

feng shui principles for home workout spaces

Quick tips:

  • It is essential to have a clear space for your workout
  • Keep your training space clean and add the right lighting
  • Color has a considerable influence in feng shui
  • A mirror can expand your view and focus energies
  • Add the right décor for you
  • Scent can deliver an inviting exercise
  • Cover your workout equipment

It's no secret that keeping fit helps to relieve stress and promote peace of mind. However, how you organize your home reflects the energy you put out – how you organize your home determines your wellbeing – so creating a healthy workout environment means better workouts.

Therefore, let's take a closer look at how the seven aforementioned feng shui tips can help bring the right energy to your home gym so you can bring the hard work.

7 Tips To Use Feng Shui In Your Home Gym

When you make changes to your home, your life changes; they are reflections of one another. A messy and uninspiring environment depicts a life that is hindered and stagnant. Moreover, a workout requires various factors, including consistency and a positive attitude.

Feng shui is all about balance. It's important to have the right mix of energy in your home gym, regardless of your workout. You can use feng shui to create an environment that will keep you motivated and focused whether you're doing strength training, yoga, or CrossFit at home.

Getting stronger and fitter requires an environment that motivates you to exercise. No matter where you work out, it is essential to have good-quality chi (positive energy). In light of that, here's what you need to know.

1. It Is Essential To Have A Clear Space For Your Workout

feng shui design in home gym area

The same feng shui principles that apply to the rest of your home also apply to this aspect. And when it comes to feng shui experts, this boils down to specifically organizing the clutter. The key objective here is to avoid everything that can distract you while working out. Configurable dumbbells, resistance bands, a small foam roller, and a yoga mat are simple, space-saving essentials. You could even use a heavy rope that rolls up and can be stored away.

Next, consider the mood. You should create a refreshing atmosphere, even if your bedroom doubles as a yoga studio. 

And if Peleton or cardio is more your style, try to avoid using large exercise equipment (we know this might be hard with a stationary bike or treadmill but try to buy products with the smallest form factor) – getting the most out of your activity requires safety and personal flow. However, if you do need larger equipment in your home gym, you should put it in a commanding position.

To be in command, you would stand facing the door rather than standing right in front of it. You may still watch TV on the treadmill or Peleton bike as long as you can see the door. This allows you to feel safe while exercising. While there might not be any immediate threat to your security in your own home, humans are programmed to be on the alert for threats. Doors present an opportunity for threats to reach us.

Make a list of your essential workout equipment and get rid of everything you don't need. Consider moving to a larger room or a shared area with friends or housemates if you have a lot of equipment taking up space.

2. Keep your Training Space Clean And Add The Right Lighting

home gym lighting

You'll want to be as close to natural light as possible while working out. As a result, your workout area should be close to windows but away from distractions and loud noises. Windows represent the eyes of adults while also symbolizing a child's voice. The feng shui vibe of your home gym is enhanced by keeping the windows clean. In addition, spotless windows let in more natural light.

Sunlight awakens us and naturally energizes us. Moreover, sunlight vividly illustrates the color schemes and objects of nature. Our home gyms become bigger, brighter, and more lively as we let in more light.

As a symbol, clean windows inspire us to see the world clearly, with maximum color, and with maximum precision. For many, that view inspires positive energy.

And if you don't have windows in the best places to let in light, lamps are effective at providing extra light to some areas of your home. 

Windows aside, having your immediate workout space clean (including removing clutter) inspires a more clear and more focused mind. Remember that dirt, pollens, and clutter often block health, success, and happiness.

3. Color Has A Considerable Influence In Feng Shui

color use in home workout space

Color is essential in enhancing the sense of chi energy in your training space. Using a suitable color scheme or a feng shui Bagua map might improve your energy levels and outlook. These feng shui elements help improve the effectiveness of your workouts. As feng shui aims at establishing a balance in chi energy (or qi), your main goal when using any color should be to achieve a balance between them.

Some feng shui experts use red and orange, linked with passion, aggression, and boldness, to adorn their home gyms.

On the other hand, a number of experts propose using metallic energy colors instead for home exercises. Metal is all about clarity and accuracy. It can be a great color for focus. Metal is also the element associated with ‘concentration' in feng shui. Metal in shades of blue and grey aids concentration.

Adding earthy elements, such as brick walls or beige, brown, and green splashes, may help a space feel more ‘grounded' and homely.

4. A Mirror Can Expand Your View And Focus Energies

gym mirror

Water has no shape and conforms to the shape of the container it is in. Mirrors embody the element of water and are employed in Feng Shui because of this quality. They reflect without bias or obfuscation, which makes them a very important tool for getting rid of problems in certain areas.

The use of a mirror can both narrow and concentrate your efforts. Mirrors, particularly those that are close to a window or front entrance, can draw energy into a room.

However, more than one mirror in a room should be avoided when working out at home, especially if facing one another, since the energy will be streamed back and forth without direction. In addition, the energy clash that results from two mirrors facing one other can be powerful and unsettling.

Having a mirror in your home gym not only facilitates proper feng shui, but it will also motivate you to lift heavier weights and help you lift with good form. 

5. Add The Right Décor For You

clean space gym for working out

One of the biggest obstacles to staying active is a lack of motivation. It's easy to find excuses not to work out. Motivation can either help or hinder your exercise habits. But luckily, even small changes to your environment can motivate you to exercise more and exercise properly.

You could put up inspirational quotes or mantras in your gym or workout space. It might sound cheesy, but it works.

There are, however, some decoration ideas you should avoid. Although art is subjective, experts advise against using pictures of skulls, despair, taxidermy, and other things that deplete the environment's energy.

But here's where you can break the rules: It is more important to select pieces of art that make you happy than follow strict feng shui rules. In the end, whatever motivates you and what makes you feel good will make the change you need to inspire you to exercise. Focus on finding art that makes you smile. Whether it's a motivational quote or a colorful painting, surround yourself with things that will help you stay motivated and excited about working out.

6. Scent Can Deliver An Inviting Exercise

Scent can help create an engaging training environment, according to feng shui rules. For instance, studies have shown that peppermint can enhance athletic performance by encouraging muscular relaxation and improved respiration.

Citrus may also be energizing and helpful for concentration during the day, while lavender is fantastic for yoga, lowering depression and stress. Consider adding a diffuser to your training area to maximize the benefits of your activity.

7. Cover Your Workout Equipment

Exercising is a Yang activity according to feng shui principles. Ideally, you should schedule your workout at a place where you can concentrate your energy. If you must exercise in your bedroom, for example, be sure to do it in the morning when the room's energy naturally shifts toward Yang, making this time of day excellent for igniting the chi both inside and around you.

It's also crucial to prevent exercise-related energy from contaminating the area after you've stopped your workout for the day. When your exercise equipment is not in use, keep it covered to lessen the impact of the energy it emits. 

For those new to feng shui, the concept of energy may seem foreign, but it can help you diffuse any negative energy so you can fully surrender to your day. It is especially true in a bedroom representing Yin in nature, which encourages relaxing, romancing, resting, and more.

Last but not least, if you go off the wagon with your exercise program, get back on it or remove the equipment from your room. Unused exercise equipment becomes a parable for striving hard but failing to achieve success. It's crucial to remember that our bedrooms play a crucial role in our self-care routines, and too much extraneous clutter in the room might divert our attention from what we need. 

Finally, our environments are also alive according to the shamanic practice of feng shui. Your house is filled with the same qi, or life force, that sustains you. As a result, try to be grateful to the place where you exercise. Just express gratitude and humility by simply saying “thank you” to your workout space after a workout.

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