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Who doesn't love a meme? Well all do, right? Some people are obsessed (you know who you are) with gifs, memes, and funny images on the internet. Sites like Giphy and Imgur have made time-wasting an art form. But I've saved you some time and curated the funniest CrossFit memes for your viewing pleasure.

Check out these humorous fitness gifs, hilarious CrossFit images, and photoshopped photos of people doing crazy stuff in the gym.

Man who identifies as 6-year-old dominates CrossFit Kids class

If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em. CrossFit has the reputation of being a sport for Type-A personalities. And Type-As like to win.

So what better way to win than making it easier for yourself by moving the goalposts. Competing against people 1/4 of your size makes anyone look good.

CrossFit Memes

Panda Pullups

This little fella does better muscle ups than me. I'm impressed with his casual demeanour and little smile at the camera. He makes the rest of us feel like slouches.

CrossFit helps other businesses

Since CrossFit started back in 1999, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors the world over welcomed CrossFit with arms wide apart. And this type of arm mobility is exactly what their shoulder-injury clients were looking to regain.

crossift massage therapists since

Forgive the Pun, For they have sinned

Thanks to the person brave enough to make a CrossFit video about crosses and fitness! This video made my day the first time I saw it.

I'm sure they got some kickback about the pun. Religion can be an easy target. But they pulled it off well. A very funny video about getting fit with a cross.

Oh, you are into that martial arts mixed with dance choreography stuff, right?

Most people think CrossFit is some kind of crazy aerobics kick-boxing class. And us CrossFitters think we're the sh*t. We like it when people think we're killing it in the gym. Like Rich Froning or Tia-Claire Toomey.

But what actually happens is quite different….

CrossFit Memes

Did that 60-Minute WOD in 30 Bro

When you do CrossFit, everything becomes a race for time. Didn't finish the WOD? You didn't scale right.

Cutting the time to pieces makes you king of the gym (that day).

But who cares, really?

CrossFit Memes

CrossFit Circus

This is how CrossFit haters see the sport. And it's funny because sometimes those “novelty” WODs that the trainers introduce, make us shake our heads too.

CrossFit is not for Bros

BroScience. Have you watched any of Dom's (not real name) videos on YouTube? He's a funny guy and anyone who's ever stepped inside a gym will understand the humour.

BroScience loves to beat the crap out of CrossFit. Half the time, it's deserved.

Crossfit funny meme about lifestyle by BroScience

CrossFit Bra Gymnastics

I have no personal experience with this one, but I'm sure all the ladies can attest to the ROM WOD they must endure after a sweaty workout. The struggle is real.

wet sports bra meme

Endurance. That's for anti-gains, right?

BroScience again with a hilarious take on the idea that CrossFit builds endurance. It might, but at what cost?

funny crossfit meme - crossfit endurance lose gains broscience

Reverse Squat HSPU thing

I'm not sure this qualifies as CrossFit. But he does have a CrossFit banner on the wall…so…

Extreme Sandbagging

When you're half-assing reps and realise you're being watched

The first rule of CrossFit

This is true. If you think otherwise, you're obviously not in the club.

the first rule of crossfit is

Reverse fight club

Not to labour a point or anything but…. true

1st rule of crossfit again

Non-CrossFitters can be strange

And Finally… Just to prove that CrossFit isn't the only sport or training regime that exhibits “strange” behaviour in participants. Here's someone who has no regards for his neck showing us his party piece.

CrossFit In Your Sleep

Crossfitters don't let sleep interrupt a good mobility session. Even when you lie down for a rest, it's important that everyone around knows you can touch your toes and clean and jerk 300lbs.

crossfit while sleeping funny

Julie Foucher

Here's a gratuitous gif of the lovely Julie Foucher… that's all ?

Funny CrossFit memes and Fitness Gifs

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