6 Of The Best Kettlebell Workout Apps in 2022

The kettlebell is an efficient, effective, and fun way to lose weight and gain muscle. Everyone from Tim Ferriss to Jessica Biel uses these simple cast iron or steel balls-with-handles to get fit and build muscle. Getting “ripped” with kettlebells is entirely possibly with the right training. Just ask Pavel Tsatsouline, the man who popularised kettlebell workouts in the west. He doesn’t train with anything else and most people will agree that he’s in great shape for a man in his 50s.

Two factors account for the explosion in popularity of kettlebells. The first is their accessibility, easy to get started with and relatively cheap to buy. The second is that they are super effective and versatile. You can work the entire body with just a single piece of equipment. Try doing that with your bench press machine!

While kettlebells offer a tremendous variety of possible exercises, finding the right routines that move you closer to your goals can be hard. Kettlebell workout apps aim to make your life easier by giving you easily digestible, guided training designed for users of all skill levels.

When choosing an app to get started with, consider several factors:

  • variety of exercises 
  • ease of use
  • quality of instruction
  • price

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you. We love researching and reviewing fitness apps and nerding out on fitness tech (and we got pretty fit doing it, thank you very much).

Here’s a look at our picks for the six best kettlebell workout apps:

Fitify App (iOS and Android) – Best Overall

Fitify Workout App Screenshots

Fitify is a major name in workout mobile phone apps, and their kettlebell app has been super popular since its launch in 2017. It offers 45 exercises grouped into five kettlebell workout programs. Each routine is presented clearly with HD video demos and an audio fitness coach.

It’s customizable, so it works well for just about anyone, regardless of skill level or workout preferences. Adjust workouts for the dumbbell weight you’d prefer to use or for your current level. Set a schedule for motivation and make sure you work out at the same time each day.

There is one downside (well, it’s not that bad but I should mention it): when the coach delivers instructions, Fitify lowers other audio on your device. As a result, it might not be the best option if you prefer to listen to loud music when you exercise.

Overall, Fitify’s kettlebell app delivers cool and interesting workouts in an easy-to-follow manner suitable for all skill levels.


  • Includes 45 exercises
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Instructions include both audio and HD video


  • Difficult to listen to your own music
  • Some customization options require in-app purchases    

iOS and Android

Kettlebell Tabata Trainer by lolo – Best for a Quick Workout

Do you struggle to find time for full kettlebell workouts? Lolo’s trainer delivers a complete kettlebell workout in only four minutes. That’s promising a lot but the app is very popular and costs less than $5. The tabata trainer claims to help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training with proven results. I can verify that tabata workouts, well, work. And this app is like a mini-coach, pushing you to doing ever-changing tough exercises. 

Back to the 4-minute workouts. You will see results from doing short workouts like this but this claim is more for the app’s marketing than anything else. You don’t have to spend all day but you should probably try to work up a sweat for at least 15 minutes. Luckily, if you have more time to spare, longer options are available, including 15, 30, and 45-minute programs. Each routine uses exercises from the 220 included options. All routines have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options.

Another standout feature here is the app’s beat-sync technology. The speed of your workout adjusts to match the tempo of the music you’re listening to. Love it!

While the four-minute workout helps this app stand out, don’t overlook its solid grasp of the more fundamental aspects. Each workout is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing you to stay in shape even if you have a hectic daily schedule.


  • Designed for busy lifestyles
  • Adjusts workouts to fit your music preferences
  • Feature four-minute targeted workout
  • Includes 220 exercise routines


  • Short workout routine not ideal for weight loss


Kettlebell Workout Wizard WOD Generator – Biggest Variety

Kettlebell Workout Wizard Screenshots

Created by fitness coach Greg Brookes, the Kettlebell Workout Wizard is built around the incredible versatility of this piece of exercise equipment.

It features the WOD system, which stands for Workout Of the Day (a term built into the name of this website, in case you didn’t know). A single button tap generates a random workout for that day. With thousands of exercise combinations available, you never have to perform the same kettlebell workout twice. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and having something new to do can be a great motivator. And sometimes it’s the small motivations that make all the difference.

Each routine involves the 45 included exercises designed across five broad categories: strength, cardio, muscle development, growth, and posture. The random exercise routine helps ensure you receive a balanced workout over time, never neglecting key areas.

Overall, this app is useful for freshening up your existing exercise routine. Although the core 45 exercises stay the same, the WOD system makes each workout feel different.


  • Includes 45 exercises
  • Targets the entire body
  • Random routine generator


  • App has occasional technical glitches
  • No ability to check off completed exercises


Onnit Kettlebell – Best Total Body Approach

Although not technically an app, the Onnit 6 Program is an at-home plan that takes a holistic approach to kettlebell exercise. And there’s no reason you can’t run the program on your phone or iPad. 

Onnit is one of the premier fitness and health product providers in the world and the company certainly knows about kettlebells. You get six weeks of workouts, including four resistance training and conditioning exercises, plus two non-traditional yoga classes.

However, this is a holistic plan, so it involves more than exercise. You also get fat-burning recipes, training mods, and other custom workout plans to help you reach your specific goals, such as weight loss or increased strength and conditioning.

All exercises require just a single kettlebell. They’re also designed for minimum space (great when you’re working out at home). Keep in mind that the unique routines are designed for maximum intensity, so you might want to use a lighter kettlebell than what you normally use.

It’s a digital program with video courses led by Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf. You can play the courses on any device or smart TV in your home. Each course is like a one-on-one session with a kettlebell personal trainer.


  • Six-week digital course
  • The holistic plan includes recipes and other additions
  • Requires just one kettlebell


  • Workout routines include lots of repetition

Onnit 6

BeStronger Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Workout Bestronger App Screenshots

Chart your progress and track your results with the BeStronger app. It stores a detailed history of your exercise history, including what routines you performed and the number of calories burned.

It also includes over 70 exercises targeting your back, hands, legs, and shoulders. They’re designed to both burn calories and build muscle.

One of the key features is the ability to save an unlimited number of workouts. You can assemble the various exercises into routines and then store those routines in the app for use anytime. Each exercise is presented in an easy-to-understand animation.  

Overall, BeStronger is well-suited for kettlebell users who want to chart their stats. If you’re using a kettlebell to lose weight, but struggle with motivation, tracking your progress with this app can help you achieve your goals.


  • Tracks routines completed, calories burned, and more
  • Stores custom workouts
  • All routines presented with a demo animation
  • Includes 70 different exercises


  • Training plan feature isn’t currently available
  • No voice coaching


Kettlebell Workout Planner – Best for Beginners

Kettlebell Workout Planner Screenshots

If you’re just learning how to use a kettlebell, finding the best beginner-friendly exercises can be confusing. This app makes it easy to learn how to use your new kettlebell with ten free workouts designed for beginners.

Each workout features HD video and audio instructions from a qualified trainer. All courses were designed by Chris Dill, a Certified Kettlebell Training Specialist (CKTS).   

While the free section of the app does include a wide range of workouts, you’ll want to consider unlocking the paid Pro version. It features additional workout routines, a randomization option, landscape mode, and no ads.


  • Beginner-friendly exercises
  • All routines developed by a professional trainer
  • Features HD video with full audio


  • The free version has ads and fewer exercises


Recommended Kettlebells

We always recommend Rogue. Solid performers, made in the USA, endorsed by people who make their living from fitness. What more is to be said. Rogue sells the best kettlebell product in a highly competitive market. Check out the Rogue “Monster”.

Looking for something a little different, unique even? Check out Onnit’s Chimp and Gorilla Primal Bells or the Stormtropper and Darth Vader models. 

Final Thoughts

A kettlebell is an awesome piece of exercise equipment, but to truly maximize the benefits, you’ll want an app to help guide you. The benefits of the best kettlebell workout apps include:

  • Routines targeted to specific areas of your body
  • The ability to work out at home
  • Proper form helps reduce injuries

Any of the apps above can help you take your kettlebell exercises to the next level. Even better, an app lets you work out at home without spending much (or any) money. Whether you’re new to kettlebell training, or just looking to shake up your existing exercise routine, choose one of the apps above to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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