Best Gifts For CrossFitters

Need a gift for your CrossFit team buddy, WOD partner, significant other, relation, or random internet person? Here are some ideas.

The complete guide to buying gifts for people that probably don't need anything

Weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, and Olympic weightlifters are the type of people that associate closely with their chosen tribe. There's terminology, a way of talking, a lifting protocol, clothing, attitude, and equipment that goes along with each form of training. CrossFit generates the kind of tribe attitude that deserves its own genre of gifts.

But even if you're immersed in the culture of each tribe or you're familiar with someone that participates in some form of lifting, it's hard to choose a gift to give. Maybe it's a Christmas present, birthday gift, congratulations, or otherwise. What to buy? The job becomes harder when the proposed gift receiver doesn't follow trends, have other hobbies, or have an interest in other things.

We know that buying stuff for people is tricky. Especially for the guys, right? But we're here to offer some suggestions based on personal experience, market trends, sales data, and general finger-in-the-air instinctive guesswork.

So here are 10 cool CrossFit gifts for him or her that will make any CrossFitter do handstands and burpees with joy.

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Smartphone Holder

Ignoring the risk of this post encouraging the selfie obsession, I do believe that it's important to record your workout performances and your olympic lifting and gymnastic techniques.

It's a bit hard to hold a camera phone while doing a handstand or snatch (one-handed snatch?) so we recommend using a smartphone mount.

Phone mount for gym workout recordings - hands free

The Perchmount is compatible with the iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and the usual suspects. Great for anyone looking to improve their technique through hands-free smartphone video capture.

The smartphone holder lets you place a mobile phone in the rack while it records videos of impressive workouts.

Wrist Wraps

Easy to buy, easy to ship, easy to deliver. Wraps are probably your best bet for a simple, no-nonsense workout tool for any weightlifter, CrossFit athlete or powerlifter. Most of us need wrist straps and over time, they wear out (especially if you're a hard trainer). It's always good to have a spare set on hand. People lose their wraps too, so a backup set as a gift will be welcome.

The quintessential CrossFit wrist straps, the ones you'll see in all the photos are made by Rogue. Rogue's wrist straps not only look cool but they've done the sweat test millions of times. The perfect gift.

Check out our guide to wrist wraps for CrossFit

The Gift Of (Self) Massage

A massage is the ultimate recovery tool. The gift of massage is like the gift of health.

Who doesn't love a good massage?

But massage vouchers can be expensive and they only last as long as the session. A foam roller is for life, as they say ☺️.

Deep recovery tools like the humble foam roller are great for self-myofascial release, and way cheaper than a massage if you spread the use out over years. Physios, osteopaths, and other folk that work on your muscles and joints recommend them.

IT bands (that's the iliotibial band, not some pop group), hamstrings, and quads will love it. Not to mention foam roller effectiveness when it comes to loosening up those massive lats.

Go the extra mile and buy an eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% cork-based foam roller. It's not only good for the environment, but it looks cool. Make someone stand out in CrossFit class with this gift.

If you want to get fancy, this one vibrates. It's like a vibrating massage with deep tissue release combo.

DNA Diet Test

CrossFitters can be a bit obsessive about what they eat. Getting the right nutrients and macros is an ongoing concern. But what if you could take all that guessing and experimentation away?

Gene Food helps athletes understand their genetic fitness and provides personalized diet plans according to DNA to boost performance. This personalized nutrition platform scores raw genetic data to create customized diet plans. A diet-obsessed CrossFitter would dig this.

Mobility Course Subscription

CrossFit puts a lot of strain on the muscles and joints. And all Crossfitters stretch and mobilize on a regular basis.

At least that's what they should be doing.

For the CrossFit lover in your life who finds it hard to do the lizard stretch or full couch stretch, a subscription to The Ready State might do the trick. The Ready State is an online resource for optimizing performance & improve mobility. Kelly Starrett, a very supple leopard, and the creator of the online mobility course, is a CrossFit coach and ex-professional athlete. He knows his stuff. And he helps thousands of people get motivated. A few weeks on this program will help you get those deep squats anytime you want.

A great alternative to The Ready State, albeit a slightly different angle, is the popular ROMWOD (Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day). Check out our ROMWOD review for more info on the daily video site that showcases range of motion, stretching, and yoga-style workouts. It's like having your own mobility trainer whenever you want. There's also a mobile app. Get stretched!

ROMWOD review

If an online course doesn't ring their bell, get your friend Kelly Starrett's book “Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance”. It's a sort of bible for people that hate injuries. And if you like the idea of a regular subscription to fitness information and products, check out our guide to monthly fitness boxes.

Speed Rope

It's versatile, lightweight, and practical. It's also a muscle and cardiovascular fitness-building tool that rivals all others considering its size and price tag. The Jump rope is one of those tools that every CrossFitter has stuffed into their bag, ready to unravel for those double unders (or singles).

An essential item that can get a little worn from overuse. Jump ropes are the perfect candidate for a CrossFit gift. They're also a great gift anytime to help someone get started with fitness. We like the Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope. It's a keeper.

rogue sr1 speed rope

Also check out our guide to the best jump rope for CrossFit

Weighted Vest

If you're looking for the double-whammy of Christmas gifts, buy your CrossFitter friend a weighted vest and a speed rope. When they get good at those double unders (or triple unders) they can add the weighted vest to take it to the next level. Performing burpees or running in a vest will boost your fitness faster than you can say metcon. Not the most comfortable way to train, but certainly one of the most effective.

These vests are cheaper than you might think so you don't have to break the bank to gift an impressive piece of CrossFit kit.


You can't go wrong with t-shirts as gifts. But you might say that t-shirts are a very individual thing, right? Yes, but a t-shirt won't have a major impact on performance in the same way shoes, belts, and compression pants can. Gifting a t-shirt to a CrossFitter obsessed with perfect performance is likely to be received well. Unless the gift weights too much. Remember, think lightweight and breathable.

Of course, breathable t-shirts made from cotton are ideal for sweaty people.

Then again, you need t-shirts outside of the gym too. We can't live in the weights room and street clothes that show off that fact that someone is a CrossFitter are good Christmas gifts. Sometimes a cool t-shirt or another cool piece of clothing is all someone needs to show their identity or tribe.

This print shirt from Amazon is one of our favorites and makes a great gift for anyone that lives by their reps

Here's an original tshirt that will have people doing double-takes

squatify-booty-workout Men's T-shirt

Tshirts by Compete Every Day

These shirts get their own category because, well, we think they are super cool. Very popular with CrossFitters and a brand partners with Rogue, these Compete Every Day tshirts are stylish and functional. Perfect for the gym rat and for people who wear their gym gear as casual wear.

Compete Every Day Classic Workout Tshirt

Food Bars

Food – We can't get enough of that stuff.

Protein – we all need it. Especially CrossFitters, weightlifters, and anyone that breaks down muscle in training.

Here at we like to eat. If you train as much as we do, you probably need a lot of fuel. High-quality protein and fats are the macros with the most-est in our kitchen.

How about a special treat for someone adventurous? Do you have a Crossfit buddy or a friend who's always the first to start the latest keto diet, paleo regime, or some intermittent fasting practice? Well all do, right?

So here's an interesting edible present that will generate some fun/shock value.

Ever heard of insect protein? Well, in Asia they have, but in the West we're not quite there yet. But bug bars or insect protein bars are big. Not in size, mind you, but the movement is growing super fast. We particularly like cricket protein from Exo Protein.

This is the way of the future. Protein made from crickets, for example, is good for the environment. Save the cows! Eat more insects! Give it a try! Or get your friend or special someone to try!

And before you ask, they don't ‘taste like insects'. In fact, they're yummy. And pretty well priced too.

Funny Gifts

Why so serious? CrossFitters have a reputation for being a stern bunch. But it's just that we're a bit driven. We take things seriously because we're all about self-improvement. That doesn't mean we can't laugh at ourselves after WODs (but not during them).

Subscription Boxes

Everyone seems to be the proud receiver of a subscription box these days. Barbella Box is a CrossFit-related subscription box for girls.

Starting at a very reasonable $50 a month, the box contains 4-6 brand products including “CrossFit-style apparel, gear, accessories, supplement samples, snacks, workout tips, & recipes.”

If you're looking for a one-off gift to send, just subscribe for a month and cancel. No questions asked. Take a look at past boxes on the website for some ideas of what to expect.

barbellabox crossfit subscription gift box

A subscription box for the guys (and the girls, of course) worth considering is the stylish Gainz box. Promoted as “fitness delivered”, the Gainz box delivers supplements, healthy snacks, apparel, mobility products, gear, among other things. The company claims you get 2x the value of the price of the subscription. The perfect gift for gym rats.

Gainz Box Crossfit Subscription Delivery Box 1

Give the gift of a Book

Review of best CrossFit books for 2019

Books about CrossFit, nutrition and sport are always a great gift idea. Practical and educational (for the most part), a book is a lasting gift. Read our guide to the best CrossFit Books and take your pick from the advice of some of the smartest minds in the sport

Crossfit Gift Ideas Guide

Some tips before you make any decisions

  • Having some specific idea of what your intended gift receiver likes and the style of lifting they associate with is important. Don't buy CrossFit gear for a powerlifter. Books on the topics are always good for some cross-referencing. You can't get too much knowledge, right? But everything else should be specific. Know your market!
  • Avoid buying lifting shoes or any kind of shoe for this person. Choosing CrossFit footwear or weightlifting shoes is an involved process. The tiniest details such as weight distribution of the feet, width, length, laces, material, and even snugness make a huge difference. It could mean the difference between a new PR or just the same old lift scores.
The Best CrossFit Presents for Him & Her
CrossFit Presents for Him and Her

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